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The Story of the Doorman Mukuzo Imokawa

芋川椋三玄関番の巻 or 芋川椋三玄関番之巻


Imokawa Mukuzō Genkanban no Maki

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The Story of the Doorman Mukuzo Imokawa (芋川椋三玄関番の巻 or 芋川椋三玄関番之巻, Imokawa Mukuzō Genkanban no Maki) is an early Japanese animated film by made by Ōten Shimokawa in 1917.


In 1915 at Nikkatsu, Seitaro Kitayama (北山清太郎 Kitayama Seitarō?), a painter, began working with animation. In the next year, Tenkatsu, or Tennenshoku Katsudō Shashin Kabushiki Gaisha ("Natural Color Moving Picture Company"), began experimenting with animation with the manga artist Hekoten/Oten Shimokawa. Kobayashi Shōkai started animation production with the manga artist Junichi Kouchi (幸内純一 Kōuchi Jun'ichi?). Shimokawa produced the animation by drawing with a chalk on a blackboard, redrawing as necessary to create the animation effect.[4] Mukuzo Imokawa was a manga character that Shimokawa used in his manga.

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